Black Dish with Cream Slip Decoration - Sold

Black Dish with Cream Slip Decoration - Sold

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It would be no surprise to find that my most influential potter from the past 

has to be Michael Cardew.

Although I am a self taught potter who started at the age of 12 back in 1974

my influences were taken from library books and Michael's work was the one who stood out for me.

This dish 32cms wide has a base slip of Black with a slip trailed decoration in white slip,

it is then glazed in a cream glaze to give the white slip a warmer feel.

Unusually for me this dish is also glazed all over.

A very practical useful dish you can even use it in the oven when creating a great dish.

I love the use of the white slip, this style of decoration has a fluidity about it that for me brings the dish alive.

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